Raw Material Division

Reddy Emirates has advanced from being a single mineral company & mine owners to a specialist in industrial minerals. Bentonite, the multi-tasking mineral, continues to be a core product with diverse applications in industries that range from agriculture to environment and foundry to edible oils and cosmetics to medicine New applications for the industries presently being catered as well as for new industries are developed every year through indigenous and global research. The company’s diversification into bauxite was a major move and today Reddy Emirates is among the key players in Bauxite from India. Our strategy to expand our mineral portfolio is paying rich dividends as we have added

Kaolin                                    Silica Sand swiss replica watches
Attapulgite                             Quartz
Barites / Barytes                   Dolomite
Bentonite                               Limestone
Feldspar                                Manganese
Iron Ore 62.5

A new exciting area, with immense growth potential and limitless possibilities, opened when the company decided to move into value added products. At present our major value added products are 

Bleaching Clay
Clay Catalysts
Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)
Calcined Bauxite

Being a ISO 9001:2008 certified entity, the organization strives towards attaining and ensuring unmatched quality. This commitment towards uncompromising quality and standards, the organization is reaping an ever-growing reputation in the international market. To be one of the leading entities in our field of expertise through constant innovation and research. To polish the maximum out of our metal so that we can bring great value to the stake-holders and immense satisfaction to our customers.

Silico Manganese                               CaSi Wire
Ferro Silicon                                        Al Wire
Ferro Manganses                               CaSi Powder
Ferro Chrome                                      Fly Ash Bricks
Calcined Petroleum Coke                  Mn. Ore Briquettes

High Carbon Ferro Manganese
High Carbon Silico Manganese
Medium Carbon Silico Manganese
High Carbon Ferro Chrome
Silico Manganese High Carbon

Liquid Coal Tar Pitch
Aluminium Fluoride